If you are not local to the Atlanta area, but still would love to learn the beautiful art of calligraphy and hand lettering, a curated calligraphy kit is your solution! These kits take out all of the guess work so that you can get started learning calligraphy right away, the right way! 

I spent so much time (and money) when I first began to teach myself calligraphy. I found materials that didn't work as well and I didn't like, and I also found materials and tools that I absolutely love. So now, I pass on my knowledge and resources to you so you can have the best start possible! 

There's nothing more frustrating than buying tools and materials only to find out they don't work. Or, worse, using them and thinking you are just not cut out for it! Don't let the unknown of starting scare you away.

Along with my favorite materials, I include the drill sheets and instructions that I provide to my students here in Atlanta when they take a class in person with me! And, if you would like one on one instruction and visually see me walk you through the process of starting calligraphy, I offer one on one video classes via Skype! 

Come learn the timeless art of calligraphy and hand lettering no matter where you are!

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