Upcoming Workshops

If you are looking to learn calligraphy in person and get hands on experience while being able to ask questions and trouble shoot any issues in real time, join us for a calligraphy class! Check out our FAQ for answers to some common questions you may have! 

Beginner Calligraphy

Join us for a fun and thorough introduction to the art of modern pointed pen calligraphy. If you have fallen in love with videos and pictures of the timeless, whimsical art of calligraphy but have no idea where to start, this is your class! I provide all of your materials (so you don’t have to go out to multiple stores to find the best materials), plus hands on instruction! We learn the basics of calligraphy- we go over all of the basic materials and where to find them in the future, then cover the foundational drills and strokes that make up calligraphy. We then dive into the lower case alphabet, capped off with a few fun phrases and creative practice! You get the best calligraphy kit, curated by me with all of my absolute favorite calligraphy tools! You do not need any previous calligraphy experience for this class.

Upcoming 2018 dates:

Saturday, July 14

Saturday, August 25




 Next Steps Calligraphy

You’ve been a part of our beginners calligraphy class (or had practice on your own!), and you want to take your skills to the next level! Join us for our next steps calligraphy class! In this class, we will quickly warm up and go over the basics, and then we will dive into the upper case alphabet, learn about flourishes and how to elevate your pieces with flourishing, and also touch on composition. In this class, we will work to create your own 5x7 inch piece to take home and frame! Come ready with a short quote or saying (under 15 words is best) to make your own piece after we cover our materials! You will also receive a high quality curated calligraphy kit that will add on to the tools you already use!

Upcoming dates:


Brush Calligraphy

You may have seen the up and coming trend using brush markers to create gorgeous calligraphy pieces! Brush tip markers are a really fun tool to use- and creating fun, colorful modern calligraphy with them is a blast. In this class, we will use high quality brush tip markers to learn the basics of modern calligraphy. You do not need any previous calligraphy skills to take this class! I have curated a perfect brush calligraphy kit for you to use in class and take home. In class, we will cover the basics, go over calligraphy drills, and then the lower case alphabet. After that, we will practice phrases and have some creative time! You will learn tips and tricks and go home ready to practice and make some colorful new calligraphy pieces!

Upcoming dates:



Envelope Addressing and Special Event Calligraphy

When you have a special event like a wedding, or birthday, or upcoming holidays, calligraphy presents an excellent way to take your gift giving and card sending to the next level with ease! There are so many ways to use calligraphy for the big moments in life- whether addressing envelopes, adding unique gift tags or menus for parties you host, calligraphy adds a beautiful, timeless, personal touch that always leaves people smiling! Calligraphy pieces also makes a great gift in and of itself! In this class, we will learn about addressing envelopes with calligraphy, learn how to make your own gift tags and add calligraphy to them, and using calligraphy for various party pieces! You will receive your own curated kit, with envelopes, gift tags, calligraphy marker, and other fun surprises! Join us to learn how to incorporate your calligraphy skills in the holiday season.

Upcoming dates:



Reserving your spot in a class:

To reserve your spot in one of these future classes, visit my shop at: sarahcasondesigns.com . From there, click on the “Workshop” section, and find which class you would like to be a part of! If you have any questions, just send me a message through our contact form and I will help you out!

Private Classes:

If you have something specific you would like to learn, or want to learn one of these classes at an earlier date or time, let me know! I love hosting one on one classes. Or, if you have a group of friends that would like to learn, let me know and we can pick a special date just for you guys to learn together! Check out our page for private classes here!