Workshop FAQ

You have questions about our Calligraphy Classes here in Atlanta, and I have answers! If you don't see the answer to a question on here that you would still like to know, please feel free to email me!

WHEN are classes held?

I hold group classes typically twice a month, January through November. It is a mix of beginner's pointed pen calligraphy, next steps calligraphy, brush calligraphy, and various other classes. You can find the current schedule here. 


WHERE are classes held?

The majority of classes are held in our home in Tucker, GA (the northwest side of Atlanta area, just outside of the Perimeter).


When do I get the specific address for the class?

After you reserve your spot for class, since it is our home address. However, if you have specific questions about where we are located, please do not hesitate to email me and ask! 


Why are classes at your home?

While I do love a beautiful coffee shop or art studio or gallery, I absolutely love holding classes in our home. I've had the best experiences hosting our classes here, I have all of my resources for you to look at and reference during class, plus extra supplies on hand should the need arise. It also helps keep YOUR costs down, too! I want to offer the easiest start to your calligraphy journey possible, and this is one way to do that. 


Do I need to have good hand writing to learn calligraphy?

Nope! You definitely do not! Even my own handwriting can be pretty messy. Calligraphy is all about learning to slow down a bit, and almost "draw" your letters.


Do I have to have any experience to take your beginner's class?

None at all! I start you from the very basics. We cover all of the different materials, how they work, and I walk you through step by step so you can confidently continue at home on your own after class!


What do I bring to class?

Yourself! That's it! I provide the rest. You will have all of your materials waiting for you on class day, to use in class, and then take home with you! There will be light refreshments served, as well as water, tea and coffee! 


What will I learn in class?

It depends on the class you take! All classes will go over the supplies and materials and where to find them. Our beginners classes will walk you through the fundamental movements and strokes, lower case alphabet, connecting letters and forming words. Next steps classes will cover upper case alphabet, flourishes and composition. Other miscellaneous classes cover specific topics, and the details for any class can always be found on the specific class page, or upcoming workshop page


What if I can't make it to my class?

Please note that due to the nature of the event, preparation and purchase of class supplies, and the limited number of seats available per class, all sales are considered final after 24 hours of purchase, and there are no refunds. If you are unable to attend the scheduled event, please contact me as soon as possible prior to the class. You may transfer your class ticket ONCE to a future class (that has available space) up to one week before the scheduled class. Within one week of the class, you are allowed to transfer your ticket to a friend. Please contact me to transfer tickets, or if you have any questions. 


Am I ready for the "Next Steps Calligraphy Class" after the Beginner's class?

Yes you are! Your calligraphy does not have to be perfect! The next steps class is just that- next steps. We learn upper case, break into a little flourishing, and other areas too! Anyone who has taken the beginner's class is welcome to join in our next steps class. 


I really want to learn calligraphy, but none of the scheduled classes work for my schedule. What can I do?

You can always set up a private one on one class with me, or if you have a group of friends (or even just one other friend) who would like to learn with you, they can do it too! Just email me and let me know that you would like the details about a one on one or private group class and we can find a day and time that works for your schedule. 


Do you do private calligraphy parties or private group calligraphy classes?

Yes! They are so much fun! It's a great girl's night out idea, bachelorette get together idea, etc. If you have a group of ladies that would like to learn, let me know! Classes can be held in my home, or if you have a preferred location we can work that out as well! 


If you have any other questions, please let me know, I would be more than happy to answer them for you!